Suspect in Milwaukee deaths says he strangled mom and two girls

Prosecutors say a Milwaukee man admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend and her two daughters.

Arzel Ivery, 25, of Milwaukee, told investigators he strangled Amarah "Jerica" Banks, 26; Zaniya Ivery, 5 and Camaria Banks, 4,according to a criminal complaint obtained by WISN.

Arzel allegedly killed Amarah after the two got into an argument following the death of the woman's 21-month-old son.

Arzel reportedly said Amarah didn't fight him so he figured she wanted to die.

He then killed the two young girls because he did not want them to "live in a world where they did not have their mother," the complaint reportedly said. Arzel allegedly woke and kissed both girls before strangling them.

He attempted to cut up Amarah's body with a steak knife but stopped when the blade revealed bone because, according to the complaint, "he didn't like looking at the bone."

Arzel allegedly put the bodies in his SUV and drove around in an attempt to find a place to dump them.

Authorities found Amarah, Zaniya and Camariain a Milwaukee garage Sunday.

Arzel traveled to Tennesse where his father turned him in to law enforcement.

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