Dane County resident diagnosed with coronavirus released from isolation

MADISON (WKOW) -- Public Health Madison and Dane County said on Friday that the Dane County resident who was diagnosed with the coronavirus on Feb. 5 has been released from isolation.

According to PHMDC, the patient is feeling well and has tested negative for the virus twice.

The negative tests mean the patient can leave isolation and resume normal activities.

"We wish to thank the person who has been in isolation at home since Jan. 30. As you can imagine, not leaving your home for nearly a month takes its toll, and throughout this period," Public Health Madison & Dane County Community Health Supervisor Karrie Bartlett said in a statement. "This person has been nothing but patient and understanding. We are extremely appreciative of their commitment to public health and preventing the spread of coronavirus in Wisconsin."

PHMDC says the risk of getting sick from coronavirus is still low in Wisconsin.

PHMDC has a website and phone line available with more coronavirus information. Visit publichealthmdc.com/coronavirusor call (608) 243-0587.

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