Here Are 10 Of The Most Famous Actors From Wisconsin

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Everyone has their favorite celebrities in the entertainment industry, but there’s an extra “claim to fame” when celebrities share your home state.

In fact, dozens of high-profile actors have called the Badger State “home,” and Stacker compiled a list of some of the most famous ones. The data journalism hub explains:

Stacker compiled a list of actors that were born in Wisconsin from IMDb’s most popular list. For each actor, we included a movie poster image from a film he is known for (all movie poster images from OMDb)”

These are 10 of the most famous actors from Wisconsin:

  1. Bradley Whitford, born in Madison and known for playing Dean Armitage in "Get Out,” among other roles.
  2. Willem Dafoe, born in Appleton and known for playing Green Goblin / Norman Osborn in "Spider-Man,” among other roles.
  3. Mark Ruffalo, born in Kenosha and known for playing Mike Rezendes in "Spotlight,” among other roles.
  4. Gene Wilder, born in Milwaukee and known for playing Willy Wonka in "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” among other roles.
  5. Sam Page, born in Whitefish Bay and known for playing Greg Harris in "Mad Men,” among other roles.
  6. Michael Cole, born in Madison and known for playing Henry Bowers in "It,” among other roles.
  7. John Matuszak, born in Oak Creek and known for playing Sloth in "The Goonies,” among other roles.
  8. Peter Weller, born in Stevens Point and known for playing Murphy / RoboCop in "RoboCop,” among other roles.
  9. Orson Welles, born in Kenosha and known for playing Kane in "Citizen Kane,” among other roles.
  10. Tony Shalhoub, born in Green Bay and known for playing Adrian Monk / Frank DePalma in "Monk,” among other roles.

See the rest of the list from Stacker here.

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