Three Wisconsin Towns Make 'America's Safest Small Towns' List

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Deciding between living in a big city or a small town can be difficult when trying to factor everything in, but safety is the most important aspect.

If living in a small town interests you, released a report of 100 of America's safest small towns.

Some perks of small-town living are the close communities and long-standing traditions that have gone on for decades.

To find the safest small towns, reviewed FBI crime report data and population information from 2019. Along with looking at "poverty rates, median income, and education attainment," the report was mainly based on crime rates:

"50% of the score was determined by the number of violent crimes per 1,000, and 50% of the score was determined by the number of property crimes per 1,000."

So, what are some of the safest small towns in Wisconsin and where do they rank on the list?

  • No. 50: Mukwonago Town
  • No. 52: Oconomowoc
  • No. 72: Waterford Town (Tie)

Here are the top 10 safest small towns in America:

  • No. 1: Lewisboro Town, New York (Tie)
  • No. 1: Luzerne Township, Pennsylvania (Tie)
  • No. 1: Sleepy Hollow Village, New York (Tie)
  • No. 1: Thetford Township, Michigan (Tie)
  • No. 1: Weiser, Idaho (Tie)
  • No. 6: Wayland, Massachusetts
  • No. 7: New Hanover Township, New Jersey
  • No. 8: Elmira Town, New York
  • No. 9: Kirkland Town, New York
  • No. 10: Matawan, New Jersey

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