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Don’t Trust the FBI! Look at What They Did to General Flynn

CLAY: One thing we haven’t discussed about this raid, Buck, I want to know way more about this judge who signed the warrant that allowed these people — these FBI agents — to storm the gates of Mar-a-Lago. Increasingly, as more details come out about this guy, he seems like, Buck, an incredible partisan. His name is Bruce Reinhart, according to reports. He is an Obama campaign donor who appears to be a rabid partisan. There are more and more videos coming out of him defending Democrats no matter what.

And so, I want to know. He also as we said before — and I hate to get involved in the ‘this person represented that person”, because remember John Adams represented the British Redcoats who fired on the patriots in the Boston Massacre. I’ve represented murderers. Who you represent doesn’t always say everything about you as a lawyer.

But when every single thing you’ve done, Buck, is basically associated with being a Democratic operative and then you happen to end up as the judge who gets this warrant to sign, the entire process of obtaining this warrant feels to me, very fishy. Forum shopping in the extreme, knowing that this guy would sign off on anything because he hated Trump, I feel like that’s where we’re going with this.

BUCK: I do also want to remind everybody of who we’re dealing with here when it comes to their ethics, their judgment, their honesty. What is the deep state, what are they really all about, what are they willing to do? General Michael Flynn served his country for over 30 years. The United States military, he was the incoming national security adviser for the Trump administration.

As we now know and they tried very hard to hide it from us at the time, the outgoing Obama White House used the Logan Act — we all remember this — as a pretext for sending in a high level DOJ figure, Sally Yates, used the Logan Act as a pretext to send two FBI agents in to sit down with the incoming national security adviser and then claim that he — based on their handwritten notes, by the way, not an actual transcript of the conversation — lied to them about a phone call that was 100% legal for him to have engaged in.

And the Logan Act, Clay, has never once been used to prosecute a person successfully in the history of the country. And Sally Yates goes, yeah, let’s send them in there under the Logan Act. Let’s say what we can get away with. Comey said this too. Let’s see what we can sneak in there. Those same individuals just with different names but the same mentality, same roles, exists under the Biden administration. And I think that is the mentality that they’ve applied here for the Mar-a-Lago raid, stretching the law to its maximum, bad faith, pretextual, oh, but anything to defend our democracy. They’re shameful. I mean, remember the Logan Act phenomenon? People ought to look that up.

CLAY: And look. Buck, the other thing I would say… We’re gonna talk to Julie Kelly later this week I believe and she’s been doing phenomenal work about the January 6th defendants. She’s also covering right now the situation in Michigan. Remember where they trumpeted the big story about, oh, there was a plot to kidnap and assassinate Governor Whitmer up in Michigan and this is why we have to be so concerned about domestic terrorists. She tweeted, blue checks.

The FBI would never plant evidence. This is something I’m really concerned about with the raid that’s going on right now at Mar-a-Lago. We know that lawyers weren’t allowed to witness the raid. We know they made them stand outside while the raid was going on. I believe we’re gonna talk to Miranda Devine tomorrow who has a really good piece up in the New York Post about some of the details surrounding this raid.

Right now, the Whitmer defendants this morning are arguing that an FBI informant planted explosive materials in the truck of a defendant so the FBI could confiscate the evidence upon arrest. Buck, are you trusting enough of the FBI that you think it’s beyond any doubt that they would behave in a way where they would plant evidence? I’m not… For the FBI already?

BUCK: I worked for the CIA. I had a TS clearance for many years, I was in the federal bureaucracy and in rooms where highly sensitive government operations and it was all being discussed. And as to your question about the FBI, Clay, I would advise anyone in this country right now if the FBI says, hey, I just want to talk to you, the answer is no.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: The answer is talk to my lawyer. No, we just want you to be helpful, we just want to know, do you know this guy who maybe did this thing who might have been around Trump or somebody who might have showed up for that protest on January 6. The answer, no matter what the topic is and the FBI says, “Hey, can we talk to you?” “No, talk to my lawyer.” That’s how much I trust the FBI.

CLAY: If the FBI ever knocks on my door with a search warrant, I’m throwing double birds up at ’em and I’m going straight to my phone to get my lawyers. I tell people that all the time, too, Buck. Look, be very careful talking to authorities when they are trying to claim to you, hey, this is really simple, we just want to clear this up —

BUCK: Trying to help you out. Trying to help you out. We’ll get this done in a minute.

CLAY: Yeah. There are so many people right now who have gotten entrapped with that exact opening. You should always talk to your attorney —

BUCK: General Flynn ran the Defense Intelligence Agency, Clay, and they got him. He got got.

CLAY: I don’t trust the FBI at all. I don’t trust them to conduct an investigation, I don’t trust them to conduct a raid, and I especially don’t trust them in anything surrounding Donald Trump. And I think all of you are with me. They are untrustworthy, period.

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