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Kash Patel to C&B in May: Trump Declassified “Large Volumes” of Deep Sta...

BUCK: Kash Patel is a friend of ours, and he worked at senior level for the Trump administration. I think was acting — that’s right, acting — defense department chief of staff in the Trump administration. We’re gonna have him on sometime next week, but Kash has been pulled into these investigations. He’s been in the middle of the madness. This was just a little while. He talked to us about this document issue and the document review — National Archives, classification — all this stuff.

Here is what Kash said.

PATEL: What he did was on his way out of the White House, he declassified — made available to every American citizen in the world — large volumes of information relating not just to Russiagate, but to national security matters, to the Ukraine impeachment, to his impeachment one, impeachment two.

CLAY: So, this is big, potentially, Buck. I think that was Kash on with us in May?

BUCK: Yes.

CLAY: So this predates much of this controversy, and we were talking with him about the reports that there were classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, and his discussion — and we’ll talk to him again soon. But his discussion with us — and you just heard that clip. You can go back and listen. I think we probably put the whole thing up at before all is said and done. But his discussion with us — which is why I think this could be a huge part of President Trump’s defense in the event that they try to make hay of this, so to speak.

Trump’s position, I think, Buck, is going to be, “As president, I can choose what is classified and what is not classified, and I declassified a massive amount of these documents, including all these ‘classified,'” in quotation marks, “documents that the National Archives may not recognize are actually ready and available for the American public to be able to review.”

BUCK: And don’t you remember when Hillary and Bill left and just stole a bunch of stuff, and I don’t mean documents —

CLAY: — they took $30,000 in furniture, if I remember correctly.

BUCK: I mean, very valuable pieces of furniture and silverware, ’cause if you’re a Democrat, you’re just allowed to be a crook like an old school, straight-up thief. But there was no FBI raid on the Clintons for that, never mind the classified email fiasco.

CLAY: There’s never been an FBI raid on anybody who’s a former president for anything, ever! So, yeah, it’s crazy.

BUCK: We’ll have Kash on.

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