Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

Common Sense Central is edited by WISN's Dan O'Donnell. Dan provides unique conservative commentary and analysis of stories that the mainstream media...Full Bio

Justice Denied for Attempted Carjacking Victim

Criminal Probe Requested in Vos Primary Scheme

Dan covers breaking news: The Wisconsin Ethics Commission is recommending a criminal investigation into the Adam Steen campaign to challenge Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

The Cell Outage and Biden's Brazen Voter Bribery

Dan discusses the cellular outage and President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan, which is blatantly unconstitutional and an obvious attempt at bribing young voters who have turned on Biden.

Voters Get it Right on School Referenda

Seven school districts put a referendum on the primary ballot Tuesday (not during the higher turnout general election) and six went down to defeat. Plus, Dan explains why the effort to imprison Trump is straight out of the Soviet playbook.

Silence Surrounds Pro-Palestinian Protest, Assault on Police Officer

Dan breaks down how a pro-Palestinian invasion of Senator Tammy Baldwin's birthday party (during which a female protester punched a police officer in the face) perfectly explains today's Democrat Party and their allies in media.

Evers Signs His Own Maps

Dan follows the breaking news of Governor Evers signing his own electoral maps and what it means moving forward. Plus, a Sheboygan drag queen is arrested on child porn charges.

The Fani Willis Show!

Fulton County DA Fani Willis won't testify for a second day as originally planned, and Dan has a theory why (Hint: It's not because she did so well yesterday).

You Won't Believe How Crazy These Anti-Cop Radicals in Fitchburg Are.

A funding debate over a new police station in Fitchburg brings out some truly deranged activists from Freedom Inc. in nearby Madison. Plus, the staggering cost of Valentine's Day (and everything else) and "Guess What's Racist."

Stop Me If You've Heard This One: Inflation is Higher

A higher-than-expected inflation reading sparks panic that the long-expected Fed rate cuts won't boost Biden's bad economy ahead of the election. Plus, the Democrat talking points are out: Biden is "sharp" and "focused."

The Super Bowl, Biden's Cognition, and Cong. Gallagher's Retirement

Dan covers every aspect of the Super Bowl (yes, including you-know-who), President Biden's obvious mental decline, and Congressman Mike Gallagher's shocking announcement that he will not seek another term.