Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell

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Biden Botches His 'Big Boy' Press Conference

Is Froedtert Hospital Refusing to Cooperate with Police Investigations?

Dan breaks a blockbuster story: Froedtert Hospital released a suspect who held a gun to a victim's head and started a shootout with police. Sources say this is a longstanding problem.

Biden is Totally Fine Behind Closed Doors, Just Trust Us

Democrats are back to the tried-and-true "Biden is completely fine, you just never see it" narrative.

Democrats Fall in Line

Democrats have changed the narrative once again, now pledging to stand behind Biden even if he, in the words of Whoopi Gooldberg, "poops his pants."

Biden's Bad Holiday Weekend

As President Biden fails to assuage Democrat fears about his declining mental acuity, the Wisconsin Supreme Court throws him a lifeline in the form of ballot drop boxes.

America is the Best Nation on Earth and I Can Prove It

Dan presents a special Fourth of July Eve essay on the many ways America is the greatest nation on the planet.

No,, Idiots, The Supreme Court Didn't Authorize Political Assassination

Dan covers the hysterical (and hilarious) left-wing histrionics over the Supreme Court's immunity ruling.

Post-Debate and Possibly Post-Biden Presidency Analysis

The narrative has shifted literally overnight and the left wants Biden gone. Dan provides complete analysis of the most disastrous debate performance in history.

Debate Day!

Dan previews tonight's debate and outlines the three major issues that will decide this election. Plus, a violent day in Milwaukee while the police chief is in Austin.

Pre-Debate Open Forum

Dan opens up the phone lines to discuss tomorrow night's presidential debate and talks with Trump spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt about getting booted from CNN for pointing out CNN's bias.